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Hey everyone

I gotta domain of my own and as an experiment, have hosted it in blogger. The place where I’ll be blogging from now on is

I also apologize for the lack of proper tools to export all the comments that you guys had posted. So feel free, if you are free, to post the comments again.

Feel free to comment about the new look. Will try to act on your feedback.

Sam Jayanth


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The road trip – Sunday. One day at a time! – III

Road trip to Dubare:
Part I – Friday
Part II – Saturday
The Photos.

And Sunday:

Sunday morning we woke up at 6:00 and the plan was to leave the Inn at 6:30 but as we all know that the plans are easily made and hard to be kept. We went to check out and the manager was not there. He had gone home and we had wait till he came back.

The other four and Yamaha

The other four

We couldn’t just wait. We had a bike and three guys (Andy, Deepak and me) stupid/brave enough to try some stunts with the bike. We tried to ride the bike up the stairs.

Deepak on the bike

After we did all that, we were not only alive but we even “killed” time (poor pun joke! pls excuse :)). The manager came, we settled the bill and left to Kushalnagar where we were supposed to have breakfast with Deepak’s cousin. That done, we pushed off to B’lore. We started by 8:30 AM. On the way to B’lore we stopped at Cafe coffee day for a quick snack and reached B’lore by 1:00 PM.

We went to Andy’s place as he had to pack and come to Chennai with us. We started from Andy’s place by 1:30 and went to McD to grab lunch. We dropped off the sleeping beauty “Saravana” at his place in B’lore and by the time we were out of B’lore it was 2:00 PM.

On the way we also hit up on the logic behind Chinese reverse engineering. How easily they are able to copy any design and mass produce it. The logic behind it as one of us put it was “that’s the way even they are made, they all look the same!” πŸ™‚

Deepak was to drive from B’lore to Vellore and I was to take over the wheel from Vellore. We reached Vellore by 5:30. Deepak and Murali had to buy some sweets for the family. We started from Vellore at 5:40 and reached Chennai at 7:00 PM – me driving :).

That’s all folks!
We are planning for another road trip in some month’s time. Will be glad to update that when it happens.

Sam Jayanth

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The other end!

Please read “deceiving looks” before you read the following, if you want to enjoy this! This is an alternate ending to that story (deceiving looks). πŸ™‚

As I shifted gears, my hand rubbed against Kumar’s thighs and I could feel a metal object and I instinctively stared at it. And Manoj caught my stare and stared at Kumar’s pant pocket. There it was, the black shining muzzle of a gun. I caught my breath and I’m sure the poor chap sitting behind me skipped a heartbeat. I could hear his heartbeat, and so I could hear it skip too.

Manoj: I Hope the moron of the driver does not ask anything about that gun.

And I asked Kumar β€œIs that a gun?”

Kumar: Dam! Shouldn’t have let it slip out.

Kumar: I’m working under cover, I’m a cop. Here is my ID.

And he flashed his ID. I was happy. This was the first time I’m taking an undercover cop in my car. Wait till my client hears about this.

Manoj was quiet and thinking Ya right! as if we know what an ID of an Indian cop looks like. Just then Kumar had taken the pistol out in one quick motion and was pointing it towards Manoj and shouted β€œDon’t even try to move, I’ll shoot you. What do you have inside the bag?”

That was the point when I started thinking if Manoj was really the killer. But I couldn’t just convince myself that a guy like Manoj could murder anyone and I could hear my head scream β€œTHE MEETING”. The cop checked the bag and found some money, nothing more. Manoj was shivering and almost in tears. By now the cop realized the mistake, apologized and asked to be dropped off. I obliged. I told Manoj to relax and dropped him off at the Guindy bus stop. As I dropped off Manoj I gave him my business card and told him to call me if he needed any help in town.

I had 10 more minutes to meet with the client. And I reached in time. The client was there. The one hour meeting went on for two hours as I narrated the whole β€œcar episode” to the clients. They were impressed that I maintained my calm even after such an ordeal. They congratulated me and the deal was mine. As I sat in my car and about to turn on the ignition, my mobile rang. It was the client. He called me inside to show me the news on the TV about the murder I told him about. I went inside, not that I wanted to, but had to. “Customer is the boss” rule no.1 in corporate culture. As I watched the news, the sketch of the suspect came on the screen. I couldn’t stand anymore. My knees went weak with the thought of how close I had come in contact with the killer. I was still shocked when I got a call. I saw the number and unable to recognize it, I picked the call. It was Manoj on the call ( I almost forgot about the business card I had given him). He said “Did you see the news?! Seems like he was not a cop after all!”

Sam Jayanth

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The road trip – Saturday. One day at a time! – II

Read part 1 before reading this one.

Before getting to the Saturday part of the Dubare trip, I’d like to share some of the “sharable” pics with you. Enter Picasa πŸ™‚

Hope you have seen all of them and enjoyed. I missed out some other memorable incidents that happened on Friday.
Friday :
We were at Andy’s place having dinner. Andy’s mom ( a.k.a Auntie) was chatting with us as we were hogging the delicious food. Auntie was asking us all where we were put up in Chennai. Murali responded “Besant nagar”. Auntie was telling about her cousin and her family staying at Besant nagar. “She has a daughter and a son”. Then Murali jumped “where did you say they are put in Besant nagar”. And auntie was quick to add “The daughter is married and I’m not sure where they are put in Besant nagar” πŸ™‚

Started form B’lore at 6:00 in the morning. Andy and me went in the bike. It was a 250 Km ride from B’lore. We were to have breakfast on the go, on the highway. Of course, we were able to find all the eat-outs that one finds inside the city. Barista was the first to come, then Coffee day and finally McDonald’s. We passed Barista (the chocolate excess there is My love..YUM) cos the deal was that all of us were supposed to have it at Mysore. But TRAITORS! The guys in the car stopped there and called me to tell about it. “Revenge!!” was my call. So we (the bikers) went to McD and gorged. The sweet taste of revenge! πŸ™‚ On our way we passed Mandya (babes!!) and then Hunsur (nothing there).

Then we hit the roads to Dubare. There is a Tibetan settlement on the way just before Kushalnagar. The roads are real good all the way till Kushalnagar, which is 5 Kms from Dubare. After that there are lesser roads and more of forest. So we got lost, thankfully!

We got lost and found the dam on the path less traveled!

Without getting lost we wouldn’t have found the dam and the amazing roads that we got into. It was real fun. You just have to take my word for it. Or you can see this video. Please excuse the unintentional crappy accent, my voice and the vocabulary. After a 300 Km ride on a Yamaha RX 135,believe me, talking is a challenge!!:)

Then we finally found our way to the resort – The Dubare Inn. It was heavenly except for the bloody tourists.

We checked in to this lovely cottage:

And couldn’t wait to get into the waters for rafting. Wait! that’s what I thought but I came back and found that Rafting or whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity utilizing a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers.
None of the bolded things happened. Does it still qualify as rafting?? πŸ™‚

So we finished the “rafting” and had lunch at the Dubare Inn. We went to the Chicklihole dam after a shower and a 15 mins nap. And decided to go to Madikeri. And thus our journey began – from Dubare to Madikeri. We started by 6:30 PM and climbed the 35 odd Kms. It was a superb drive with so many curves and turns. Reached Madikeri by 8:30. Had dinner at a place who’s name had two names and last of which was “cafe”. I do not remember the first name, but please, I beg of you, do not enter that place. One of the worst I’ve ever had food from.

Then it happened, the miscommunication. I never thought that could happen without any gal involved. But, ya, it did! it was already 9:30 and that place was “meaning-there-was-no-one-to-ask-directions-from” closing down. So the plan was to drive down the hill and go to Dubare by 11:00 PM. But due to the miscommunication, Andy gave us the direction for Baghmandala, which was downslope, but in the opposite direction. So we came down the slope unaware to the wrong route that we were taking. After 5 Kms (i think) the topic came up:

Andy: you guys do know that Madikeri is between Baghmandala and Dubare, right? Its gonna take a long time for us to come back all the way up to Madikeri from Baghmandala and then down to Dubare.
Me: WHAT?! we are NOT on the way to Dubare?
Deepak (driving the car): WHAT
Murali: WHAT
Saravana : was sleeping as usual.

So we went all the way up to Madikeri and back to Dubare. It was midnight. And that’s the end of Saturday.

Sam Jayanth

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The road trip – Friday. One day at a time!

Note : Some of the funny parts are “you-had-to-be-there-to-laugh” type. So please excuse if you see a smiley and don’t find it funny. πŸ™‚ .. like this one. πŸ™‚ .. or this..

As you might have already known that three of us started from Chennai and one more was to join us from B’lore. Me, Murali and Deepak were the three and Andy was the fourth. So we started from Chennai to Banglore via Hosur. There is also another route but since those roads are not as good as this one, we opted to take the easy way out. On the way to B’lore we had to go to VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) and see Deepak’s sister. Deepak was to see his sister and we were there to see everyone else. πŸ™‚

After we had done our tasks, which was to see everyone, we started from there. Deepak took the car out of the parking area skillfully with very little help from the parking assistant. As we started moving out the assistant remarked “Please look ahead and drive well”. After closing the windows and making sure that the assistant couldn’t hear him, Deepak commented to us “What does he think?! I have a car license, of course I know how to drive.” Once he finished saying that we realized that he had missed the turn and went straight. So we had to come back, take the turn and leave before the parking assistant could see us making the mistake. πŸ™‚

We had yummy chappathi with sabji which Deepak’s mom had prepared for three of us for the road. She was even so thoughtful to pack in tissues, water and biscuit packets. πŸ™‚

Of course, what is a highway drive without spotting comical spelling errors and so we came across this:

We reached B’lore by 1 PM and were supposed to go to Deepak’s aunt’s place for lunch. Intro – “I-Know-all-except-what-you-want-to-know” Murali. He’s been in B’lore so many times and seems to know every place in B’lore except the information that we need – how to get there. “Do you know the hanging bridge” asked Deepak. “Of course, I know” said Murali. “Good, now tell us the way” and the reply “oh! that I don’t know”. Thus it went on for so many places, finally Deepak and me decided not to ask him anything.

We arrived at Deepak’s aunt’s place by 2, had an awesome lunch and slept till 6 PM. Next stop was the forum. We were to meet Anand (a.k.a andy) and Saravan ( a college friend of ours) at the forum.
It took us two painfully slow hours to reach the Forum, which wouldn’t have taken more than 30 mins to reach in the worst of Chennai traffic. I really feel sorry for the Banglorians. It was so slow that two auto guys got out of their autos and were having a conversation. There was a great business “oowpportunity” for a malayali tea stall right there!! πŸ™‚ We met them both and asked Saravana if he would like to join us for the trip. His reply was a happy “yes”. Thus the number went from 4 to 5. We went to the Transit and had a light snack and pushed off to Andy’s place for the night along with the new joinee – Saravana. We finished dinner and went out to the streets of B’lore at 10 PM. Stopped at “The Corner house” for a hot chocolate fudge, where with the usual along with the usual “no smoking”, “self service” boards, I saw a new one “beware of mobile lifters”. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately they didn’t know that we guys will be there, else they would have added a line “beware of pick-up ‘liners'” πŸ™‚


That was Friday. Will tell you about Saturday in the next blog. Didn’t wanna bore you with so much in one blog.

Sam Jayanth

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The Road trip – I

We had loads of fun and now I’m in pain after driving for at least 500 Kms in the whole trip. So I’m not in the funniest of moods to make you laugh. I’ll be coming up with many small parts. To understand the funny part of this particular post, you need to know the following:
We went in Deepak‘s car. That is a Santro. Top(ple) speed – 140 KMPH.

This was the expense incurred by me on the trip. Funny account of my accounts πŸ™‚
The rule for paying during the trip – Anyone can pay for anything and finally we will put together all the expenses and share it.

I paid for:

Cottage advance: INR 1000

Toll gate – INR 60 – There were so many toll gates we had to pay for. I think the petrol expenses were cheaper than the amount we paid for the toll during the whole trip. πŸ™‚

Boat ride a.k.a “rafting” in the most calm waters i’ve ever seen – INR 600 ( I know I lost the money in the water, please share :). But this does not mean that all the lost money will be shared in the upcoming roadtirps :))

Dinner at that “happy a.k.a gay malayali restaurant” – INR 120

Look on Deepak’s face wen I drove his car at 140 KMPH – PRICELESS πŸ™‚

Sam Jayanth

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TGIF! When this friday comes.

Yup, Thank God it’s Friday! This Friday I’m headed on a road trip to Dubare. Its going to be a three day trip and when I come back I hope to have a nice, funny encounter to blog on and keep you smiling πŸ™‚

The plan:

Roadtrip – Obviouly, like the name suggests, we are going by road.

Destination – Dubare, Karnataka, India.

Conveyance – Car. Santro.

The route – This was a good one. Just googled “Chennai to Dubare” and got this VERY useful page.

How many of us? – 3 + 1. This “1” does not mean the hired driver, that “1” is the friend who is joining us from B’lore. All guys on the trip.. .. Don’t even think about commenting on that! πŸ™‚

Stay – Friday night at Andy’s ( that’s the “1”) place. Saturday night at a resort in Dubare. We’ll be back home for Sunday dinner.

What’s in Dubare -Even I got no clue. So I wanted to get a clue. And called up a resort, the phone number I got from a friend. (you are asking “why such details about whom you got the phone number from? Gosh! you are not writing a murder mystery!!”, you’ll know the answer in a while. :))
The guy who answered the phone was complaining that I was not audible, neither was he (but who listens to customers anymore :)!) He said something about elephant camp and then about rafting. I was all excited after the call when another friend of mine came by and splashed water in my rafting dream ( of course pun intended, Its always intended in my blogs unless stated otherwise πŸ™‚ )

He said “Dude, don’t get over excited, the water is ankle deep and the boating is pathetic.” did u hear that – Splash!
Did he say “boating”? Yes, he did!
Now I started thinking back on the conversation I had with the guy from the resort. He did say something that sounded like “rafting”, or was it “boating”? Now I am really confused!!

That’s a surprise awaiting πŸ™‚ And as for the murder-mystery-detailed-friend who gave the number of the resort, better be praying that it be a PLEASANT surprise πŸ™‚

Nevertheless, like the name suggest its a road trip. The journey matters not the destination! πŸ™‚

Sam Jayanth

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Starting a company!

I have an idea that can make retail giants gain lakhs of customers, if they will be the first one to implement it. Now the problem is: It’s just an idea. How do I market the idea. How do I make sure that it’s not stolen. Can anyone help me with this? Whom do I pitch it to?


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Welcome home, my “German” friend! :)

The following is a non-offesive funny post about a meeting with a good friend of mine.
Note: He’s a nice chap πŸ™‚

I met a very close friend of mine who has come to India on vacation. He’s been in Germany for the last 6 months, doing his MS there. The only word he can say is Deutch is “Deutch”. As usual we met up in Barista at Besi beach, with one other friend of mine who is doing his M.Tech in MIT, (dont go wow yet!) not Massachusetts Institute of Technology but Madras Institute of Technology πŸ™‚
Introduction done!

Scene 1.
We are outside Barista contemplating the idea if we should go in. You know how guys “contemplate”: “Guys shall we go in?”asks one in the group. “Okay, treat’s on you”. Contemplation over. Scapegoat spotted! Simple!
And my “german” friend happened to ask that question. πŸ™‚
When we said “treat’s on you”. He went “Guys, I came just today. I still have only Euros, haven’t exchanged yet!”

“tongue of the slip” πŸ™‚ So we let it pass. Strike 1

Scene 2.
We ordered and he said “Deutch”. “say what?” was our response. “I’m sorry, used to that” his reply. πŸ™‚
Strike 2

Scene 3.
We were happily eating “Chocolate excess” (my love! πŸ™‚ ) and drinking latte, he blurts out “have you guys seen the movie “international”?” and he continued “Oh, I’m sorry, is it released here, yet?!” Strike 3 and OUT!

That’s all it takes in guys’ club to get him in the right tracks by piling a dozen of punches and blows to his back. I’m sure he got over his jet lag and steady. πŸ™‚

Welcome to India, my friend!


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The vintage TV…Sigh!

Go on and read it only if you want to feel the good old times..Β  The good old ads!

This is strictly for all those who were born in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Njoi..

Humara Bajaj!

Cadbury Ad – Asli swad zindagi ka!!

Surabhi – I know this is not a brand Ad, but it IS a true identity of the old TV.

Doordarshan news:

Pepsi – Amir, Ash and Mahima

Yeh hi hai right choice baby!!

On the search for old ads I bumped into this link and has a collection of old ads of different brands.

Some other ads that I wanted to put up here but couldn’t get were:

Amulya, Sundrop ad ( big booris, vadas.. :)), Sunrise ads.

If you get those links or some other good old ads, feel free to paste the link when you comment.

Hope you enjoyed!



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